Thursday, 30 October 2008

Snow in October

That's not supposed to happen is it??? Well I didn't think it was as I wouldn't have booked my boiler replacement for this week if I'd known that it was possible. Thought I was pretty safe getting it done before the end of October but oh well, you live and learn LOL

I didn't have any central heating or hot water on Tuesday night - when 2 inches of snow decided to land on us! Thankfully, my house wasn't too cold as I had a little portable heater that is normally in the conservatory.

Anyway, enough of my snow story. My house is in a right state so I'm not going to be able to make any cards for a while. Soooo here are some that I made for a forum competition. The theme was snowmen - which I'm addicted to LOL

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Cute hedgehog

Here's the card that I've made for my aunt's birthday next week. I still can't believe that I cut into this yummy paper. I suppose it is fitting that I used it on my mums card and then one for her sister. They're both like me --- love pink LOL

Another football card

This card is for my cousin's little boy. He'll be 9 - I think! The reason behind the 5 on the shirt is because he's just started to support Spurs - the poor kid thinks we're playing so badly because he now supports them :o(

Anyway, his favourite player is David Bentley who's squad number is 5.

The stamp is from Stamps Away

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Busy Bee

For the past 6 weeks, I've been really busy at work and under loads of pressure and haven't really felt like crafting. Thankfully it has eased off a bit so I can find time to craft and enjoy doing it.

My timing is perfect as I've got another busy couple of months for family birthdays and of course there's C********s to think about LOL.

I made this card for my mum and dad to send to my aunt (mum's sister). She's very much like my mum - can't sit down and is always on the go. Her birthday is also the day before Halloween :o) Anyway, this stamp was perfect for her!

The stamp is my new Penny Black that I got at Ally Pally. The papers and ribbon are Stampin Up and they're yummy :o)

First time using my fab threading water punch (why is it called that???). I've added glamour dust to the wings but it doesn't show up very well in the piccie.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Fab blog candy

You may have guessed that I'm slightly addicted to Stampin' Up ;o)

Well the lady who helps me feed my addiction through a Stamper's 10 is offering some fab blog candy. See here for the link to Linda's blog and the chance to win this great prize.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

My first ever CJ

When my UKS team decided to do a CJ - I was really nervous. Now nearly 9 months later, that feels really daft as I thoroughly enjoyed taking part and can't wait till we do another one.

Right enough waffle LOL, I received my CJ back last week so have put it on my blog to show how talented my team mates are :o)

My theme was Things You Love At The Mo


My pages



Signing in pages

Thank you girls for making my first CJ so special (((hugs)))

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Is it really October???

The reason for asking is the weather at the mo is not at all like October --- more like July.

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening at Wembley (watching England - thought I'd take a break from watching woeful Spurs!!!) and we were sitting in the only part of the stadium that had sunshine till it set around 5.30ish. Anyway, I've now got a very red nose!

All in all, it was a great day out - although it didn't look like it was going to be very good after the first half but thankfully, the team got their act together and we won!!!

Did have a mishap though - I dropped my bag when I was looking for the tickets and my camera's now broken. It's my compact one and not my digi SLR but now I need another one. Was thinking about getting a decent mobile phone with camera but didn't think I'd have to make the decision quite so soon.

Sooooo do I go for a digi camera with face recognition and anti shake or do I go for a new mobile phone with a decent camera???? Decisions decisions.

Any recommendations for either are very welcomed :o) Front runners at the mo are Canon IXUS 80 if I get a digi camera or Nokia N95 if I get a mobile phone/camera. Aaaahhhh I don't know what to get!!!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Birthday card for my checker

The other birthday card I struggle with is my dads. He's my "checker" and can always be relied upon to give me an honest opinion on whether a card works or not. Well I can't do that with his birthday card LOL

The stamp is one of my new Stampin Up set and the things in the back of the truck are footballs :o) My dad's finally admitted that he is a Spurs fan even though he goes to all the matches with me. He's even going to buy a home shirt (Hope that they can start winning now!!!)

Trust my parents to have birthdays within 6 days of each other. Oh well, both cards are made - mum's had hers and dad's will be delivered on Monday. He's bound to tell me that the truck isn't straight --- men !!!!

Hoo Hoo there Mum :o)

Doing my mum's birthday card always causes me stress as I try to use something that she hasn't seen. I kind of couldn't do that this year as she was with me at Ally Pally when I bought this yummy paper.

She loves birds so this stamp was perfect for her card. I did have a panic as I thought I'd lost it. I turned my craft room upside down looking for it. Thankfully, I couldn't get a replacement at Ally Pally as I found it the following day LOL It was hiding on my desk - I thought I'd checked there !!!

The owl stamp is by Rachelle Anne Miller, the sentiment stamp is Stamps Away and the paper (mmmm yummy) is a double sided Heidi Grace paper.