Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I made this card for a very special little girl. She's on Postpals which is a brilliant charity where children, who aren't very well, sign up to receive post (gifts, letters, cards etc). As we all know, receiving cards through the post always gives a little lift.

The children on Postpals are going through so much but they have smiles on their little faces that could melt anybodys heart.

Makes me feel very humble (((hugs)))


Debbie said...

Wow this really touched me ... what a lovely card for her to receive am sure she loved it ... am going to look at your link to them right now
Great work and your right makes the small things in life seem so insignificant

Debbie said...

Hi Clare
As per my previous posting I was really touched by your post ... and had a look on the website .. this may seem a daft question .. but when you do it .. what do you write inside, if anything, just didn't know what to do!! Can you let me know on debbie.vidler@gmail.com
Thanks very much

Kerryn said...

couldnt have said it better myself! thank u for making her a card. she needs all the treats she can get bless her heart.
its a gorgeous card too!