Sunday, 3 August 2008

Fantastic birthday

Well despite working on my birthday, I had a brilliant day :o) I was made to feel very very special by my fab friends (((hugs)))

My aunt and uncle also came up from Eastbourne for the day and bought me loads of cards and a yummy handbag. In April, I gave loads of my unloved crafty stash to my cousins daughter. Well for my birthday, she gave me a gorgeous card and ---- her mum and dad gave me an equally gorgeous card which she'd made and charged them £1 for LOL

Apparently, I'm very hard to buy for so I got money from immediate family which I spent (+ a bit extra) yesterday at Capture The Magic.

My fab bargains - 12x12 clear storage trays - £2 a tray - I got 10 but now think I should have got 12 as 6 stacked fit perfectly in the cubes of my Ikea Expedit unit.


These metallic alphas were originally £12.50 each. I got them for £3 each - BARGAIN!!!


This is the rest of my birthday stash - stamps, papers, bits n bobs, papers and ummmm more papers LOL






Made by Mandy said...

Loving all that paper !

Looks like you had a great spendup for your birthday and your bargains were excellent.

Maggie said...

Did you leave us lot anything. Love the stash. xx's