Sunday, 2 November 2008

Great weekend of sport

I couldn't let this weekend go by without mentioning what has happened.

First up we had the fab Spurs beating the not so mighty Liverpool at football yesterday. My nephew's are massive Liverpool fans so I had to gloat - it was my duty as an auntie!!! What made it even better was that it was on the back of gloating to my niece - who says that she's an A**5**1 fan LOL

Then today we had the superb performance from our local lad - Lewis Hamilton. Gawd can he drive brilliantly or what??? I know that Mclaren have nurtured him from when he was little but he has to have a raw talent for them to have invested so much time and money into him. Sooooo CONGRATULATIONS LEWIS --- like he's going to read my blog LOL

I'll hopefully be posting more cards and maybe even a scrapbook page or two soon as I've got the week off work - yippee dippy doo daa :o)

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