Friday, 5 December 2008

December already!

Is it me or is this year flying by??? Despite all my best efforts, this year has been the same as every other one - panicking about Christmas cards. Next year I WILL make special family cards first as, as per normal, I'm all Christmassed out and I've still got them to do.

I did make 2 cards last Saturday at a crafty get together with some great friends. I even made another 2 cards on the Sunday which is a miracle when I get together with a certain friend :o) Saying that we did stay up till 1.30ish on Saturday and Sunday mornings just catching up on stuff LOL

I took the Monday off work to supposedly do more crafting but ended up putting up the decorations. Well I thought I was allowed to as the car was in for its service and they cleaned it for me so that saved me that job :o)

I will take some piccies of the cards this weekend of the cards that I've made and pop them on here. Then when all the cards are done, I can get cracking on my sister's scrapbook. I've now only got 1 month left before her 40th birthday. Why oh why have I only done 6 pages in the 2 years since I decided to do it - Panic!!!!


Nic said...

Looks lovely hun x

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

ooooh doesn't it look lovely in your sitting room.... see I said you had to have it in there... bet it feels all christmassy in the evenings now! :)