Wednesday, 12 December 2007

A very proud auntie

Had good news today - Daniel, my eldest nephew, passed his driving test!!!

After failing it twice before, the advice I gave him was to not tell anyone when his next test was so that he wouldn't feel pressured ----- and it obviously worked LOL

He phoned me at work to give me the good news. Really pleased for him as neither my sister or BIL drive so he hasn't had any extra practice at home. Suppose he'll be looking for a car now - don't think I fancy his insurance premium though - 18 year old lad - it's going to be a bit high OUCH

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Gem said...

Congratulations to Daniel. Good luck with the insurance, its one thing being able to drive, another being able to afford it!
Thank you for such a gorgeous Christmas Card, its fabulous to see your work in real life. Its fantastic.
Take Care,