Wednesday, 27 February 2008


A lovely friend of mine set up a challenge to make a card. She sent us the white embossed card, flower, ribbon and 3 bits of bling. The only thing we could do was use our own blank card, add a bit of colour and a sentiment.

I really struggled with it - isn't it weird how having just white can be soooo daunting. Anyway, here's the card that I made.

I added the sentiment (which is one of the new Hero Arts ones - that I'm addicted to - thanks to Kerrie LOL), coloured the ribbon and tips of the flower with a silver ink pad and added brown and pink bazzill to try and give it a bit of ooomf <<< is that a real word LOL

I was quite pleased with the result but the total surprise was that I came 2nd in the competition. I didn't know it was a comp - making the card was a challenge all of it's own but I'm soooo pleased that everyone liked it.


Gem said...

Thats a beautiful card Clare, looks very delicate.Congraulations for the comp too.

Nic said...

Well done, its absolutely gorgeous and a very worthy winner.