Saturday, 9 February 2008

I've started it

I spent most of last year saying that I was going to do a scrapbook for my sister's 40th birthday next year. Well, the big news is that I've finally done a couple of pages for it.
It did take a bit of doing to get her to give me her adoption certificate, without her getting suspicous. I told her that I wanted to do a scrapbook page with all our families important certificates on - hope she't not expecting to see it ---- eeeek! After finding it last week, she declared that she had 2 birthdays - her actual one and the one where she officially became mum and dad's daughter 15 months later. Double eek she'd better not be expecting us to make a fuss for her 40th two years in a row.

I now need to work out how to get her to hand over her wedding certificate and her kids birth certificates. Any ideas welcome. Think I might have to rope in my niece to help ;o)

I used a Pencil Lines sketch - I think it was #69. The papers are Doodlebug and the chipboard alphas are from K&Co - they are gorgeous and glittery IRL

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Gem said...

Gorgeous Clare, she is going to love it. No idea of how to pinch the certificates.