Monday, 17 March 2008

3 bundles of energy

This card is for my mum and dad to give to their neighbour.

Val has got 2 cocker spaniels (Holly and Fitz) and often looks after her daughter's Cocker Spaniel (Ella). Ella and Fitz are sister and brother and Holly, although not related, is like the auntie. You can sometimes catch her looking at the 2 "youngsters" and I'm sure she's rolling her eyes and thinking "the youth of today" :o)

Holly might be older but she's got as much energy as the other 2. If they are out for a walk and my parents front door is open, Holly will drag poor Val down the path to go and see my mum and get a biscuit. She treats their house just like her own LOL

Anyway, this stamp was just right for Val's card.


All Pink girl said...

Fabulous card so cute ,love it ,Dawnx

Kerryn said...

what a perfect stamp for her!! bet she loved it. it is so cute!!