Thursday, 13 March 2008

Out of the Cup

Well the mighty Spurs got knocked out of the UEFA cup last night :o(

Despite having a sore throat, I still managed to yell my head off at the telly LOL We went to White Hart Lane last week to see the home leg, so I tried to make it feel like we were there again - apologies to my family - I think they may still have a headache - ooops!

On a happier note, going out of the cup 6-5 on penalties - which on a side note are always funny when someone else is having to go through the agony!!! It was horrible last night. Although my cousin did make me laugh when he sent me a text message "don't be sad cousin, at least you won't have to build a trophy cabinet now" - the cheeky sod ;o)

Sorry, where was I - oh yep - as we are now of the cup, it means that I definitely can go to Ally Pally on Sunday 13th April. If we'd got through then the next round matches are on 3/10th April so the Boro match, that we have tickets for on the Saturday, would have been moved to the Sunday so I'd have been forced to choose football over craft shopping/meeting friends!!! It would have been a very hard choice but made slightly easier as I've already paid the £34 for my Spurs ticket.

So yep it is kind of good news and OMG I'm really looking forward to that weekend - I'll be shattered, lost my voice and penniless by Sunday evening LOL

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Debbie said...

Sounds like my kinda weekend footie and spending money on crafting .. what more could a girl ask for lol